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Laser facial treatment frequently asked questions

2022.12.21 10:20
Pasarét Klinika
Laser facial treatment frequently asked questions

Laser facial treatment frequently asked questions

Fractional CO2 laser facial treatment is currently the most modern skin regenerating and rejuvenating procedure, which achieves almost the same effect as non-surgical plastic surgery. With the high-power, computer-controlled laser device, the laser light is directed only to the selected area of the skin. It penetrates into the skin’s deepest parts with the highest possible precision, targeted in selected points - pixels. In a short time, releasing a lot of energy, it heats up and evaporates the water content of the skin in small points, i.e. it practically inflicts micro-wounds and causes heat damage to the treated surface.

What is fractional laser facial treatment?


Why is it good for the skin?

The essence of laser facial rejuvenation is that the laser treatment stimulates the formation of collagen and epidermal cells, which can rejuvenate the skin for up to 10 years. With artificial exfoliation, we encourage the body to produce a new, tight and healthy skin layer.


Lézeres arckezelés, hegkezelés, rosacea kezelés

How does laser facial treatment work?

Laser facial treatment, scar treatment, rosacea treatment The treating specialist will explain everything precisely at the very first consultation so that you are aware of what to expect during and after the laser treatment.

The intervention is performed with local anesthesia and involves only discomfort and possibly minimal pain. The treatment can be accompanied by small pinprick-like, burning, tingling sensation.

During laser facial rejuvenation, "pixels" of different shapes and sizes are placed with the soft laser, depending on the primary goal of the procedure. Facial rejuvenation, elimination of scarring or lightening of skin color, reduction of pigment spots, or treatment of acne or skin problems that have not improved with other treatments. Depending on the rquired treatment, our colleague determines in which layers of the skin we should stimulate the replacement and reorganization of cells. With the right setting, the depth, strength and evenness of the skin scrub can be influenced.


Who do we recommend?

Fractional laser facial treatment provides an excellent solution to the following problems:

  • removal of scars with scar treatment
  • removal of skin spots, skin injuries, fading
  • treatment of deep and superficial wrinkles
  • skin tightening
  • narrowing of large pores
  • skin rejuvenation


To whom do we not recommend the different types of laser facial treatment?

In some cases, fractional laser facial treatment can be used temporarily or not at all. The intervention cannot be performed during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as acute inflammatory and febrile illnesses. Laser treatment of the face can also be a reason to rule out certain internal medicine pathologies, bleeding, autoimmune diseases, or if the patient's skin is prone to scarring. Laser treatment is not recommended even if you are taking certain medications and antibiotics.


What happens before CO2 laser facial treatment?

Before the fractional CO2 laser facial treatment, the specialist first cleans the skin surface to be treated, then sets the necessary parameters of the CO2 laser based on the pre-agreed plan - how much energy, what pixel parameters are required for the treatment, how deep the soft laser must penetrate.

We will clean the treated skin surface and it will be numbed with a local anesthetic. The treatment takes about 30-45 minutes, depending on the treated area. After the facial treatment, it is recommended to use sunscreen creams and cooling gels.


Does laser facial treatment only result in a short, temporary improvement?

No, because the laser facial treatment performed as a cure stimulates the natural processes and results in the regeneration of the skin from the inside, the transformation of the skin structure takes 3-6 months after the treatment.


How long does the laser treatment last?

The laser facial treatment takes 40-50 minutes, depending on the size of the treated surface.


How long does the effect of laser treatment last?

The result of laser facial rejuvenation is visible after the appearance of a new layer of the skin surface, already 2 weeks after the treatment, and the skin's tightness can be felt almost immediately, it becomes soft, velvety and clearly taut. Since intensive collagen production continues to develop after the intervention, the end result appears gradually. New, healthy cells will gradually replace the damaged cells. The effect is ultimately long-lasting and spectacular, lasting 1-2 years. Usually 1 maintenance treatment per year is recommended based on consultation with the treating physician and your own needs.

CO2 laser facial rejuvenation and scar treatment should be started around the age of 25-30, the first treatment usually requires 2-3 procedures, and 6-8 weeks should pass between treatments.


After laser facial treatment

Recovery - that is, since we are not talking about surgery, that is why we call it recovery time - is relatively quick. The peeling affects the upper layer of the skin, so swelling, redness, warmth, and itching may occur for about 3-4 days, which can be easily alleviated with ice.

After 6-10 days after the laser facial treatment, the skin begins to peel off, and then a new layer of skin is formed, similar to when we get sunburned and peel off. At first the new skin is pink and sensitive, but this will be gradually fading. Since it is very sensitive, it is important that you regularly use the appropriate skin care product recommended by your dermatologist after the CO2 laser treatment!

Laser facial treatment is not only for women!

The uneven skin surface, large pores, acne, scars, and scars also expose men's vanity. Moreover, they can't even live with the means of applying make-up in everyday life. More and more people dare to seek the help of a specialist, the Alma laser facial treatment is also a solution for them to correct skin defects and uneven skin surface.

Above 40, the fat content of the skin and the water-binding power of the hyaluronic acid that forms the connective tissue decrease, which is also influenced by environmental influences, genetics and smoking. Therefore, over 40, the number of cosmetic procedures also increases proportionally.

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